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Middle school students are educated in an environment promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) using a curriculum based on the new Next Generation Science Standards.

  • As often as possible, students have a practical application of the theoretical work by either hands-on or virtual labs.
  • Students are empowered to carry out inquiry based activities where they determine the correct approach to gather experimental evidence to support phenomena they are investigating.
  • Students practice 21st century skills (such as collaboration, teamwork, research etc.) in small team based project groups.
  • Students use their senses (and other tools) to make detailed observations about the world around them.
  • Students become more proficient in designing and conducting experiments to answer questions about scientific concepts.
  • By gaining a familiarity with measurements and different units, students estimate relative and absolute sizes.
  • Using their lab notebooks, students practice organizing and collecting data.
  • Students decode science articles or passages that are written using grade-level appropriate academic language.
  • After students have made their scientific discoveries, they practice clearly communicating their findings both verbally and in writing.
  • Students are presented with open-ended questions that they answer using their own approaches.
  • Through various design challenges, students practice the fundamentals of the engineering process.

Science Fair
Middle school students create science fair projects that are presented to the entire school in the spring. These projects give students experience in designing and carrying out experiments following the scientific process and reporting results in a clear, meaningful fashion. Students also have the opportunity to take their projects to the Santa Clara County Synopsys Science and Technology Championship and compete against students from all over the county. In addition, students have other opportunities for bringing their projects to the community such as the Technion Design Challenges and programs of Silicon Valley companies.


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