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Yavneh education is about celebrating and challenging each child. It’s about maximizing each student’s potential while fostering curiosity, encouraging risk-taking, and ingraining a love of learning. It’s about academic excellence.

We do this by placing our students at the center. Examining the “why” behind various educational approaches, we are re-imagining student learning with intentionality that is rooted in four fundamental beliefs:

Using a progressive, student-centered curriculum, students gain 21st-century skills that develop a solid foundation for a bright, knowledge-filled future.

Implementing differentiated tools that are tailored to all learning styles, Yavneh creates an environment that bolsters all student learning experiences.

Embracing Jewish wisdom, values, and tradition, the Yavneh experience encourages lifelong learning, a commitment to social justice, and critical thinking.

Believing that understanding is deepened through the power of learning with and from each other, Yavneh teaches students to ask meaningful questions, take risks, and think critically, while steeped within a supportive learning community.