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Innovative Programming to Encourage Leadership

Yavneh’s middle school provides innovative programming that encourages leadership and empowerment. We support early adolescents’ developmental needs as we challenge and enrich their minds and spirits.

The Middle School curriculum is designed to emphasize academic and social-emotional development, self-responsibility, becoming a positive community member, and being an active participant in one’s own learning. Yavneh’s outstanding teachers emphasize four key 21st century skills: collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking, and problem solving.

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Electives (choice)

Yavneh middle school students have a wide range of elective classes they can choose from. Available choices change every trimester. Examples of electives include: Innovation Lab, Journalism, Chess, Math Olympiads, Visual Art, Modern Band, Performing Arts, Mixed Media Art, Animation-Robotics-Coding, Robotics Competition, Teva-Trek-Torah, Song Leading, Song Writing


The vision of the Yavneh Middle School Advisory program is to create a safe space and caring community through which students engage with their social and emotional intelligences. Our task is to help students navigate this uncertain time of early adolescence by fortifying them with critical skills and tools that they can use as they progress through their task of becoming a confident individual and successful young adult.

Advisory is a time for students to gather in small groups with their advisor and reflect upon their week, share how they are feeling, address any social or academic issues that arise, discuss upcoming activities and projects, and work on team building and conflict resolution. These weekly sessions will also be used to guide students in study skills, organization and goal setting.


Each spring, the middle school travels with their class and advisors for an extended learning trip. Each journey moves the student further in their growth intellectually, socially and emotionally and is often a transformative experience. The journeys are tied to our integrated curriculum. Our 8th grade journey to Israel is a capstone event for the students’ entire Yavneh education.

Team Sports

Yavneh offers a competitive, interscholastic athletics program that fosters fair play, sportsmanship, team spirit, team building, and friendly competition. We add new teams on a regular basis. Sports offered include: cross country, volleyball, basketball,soccer and track and field.

High school prep/readiness: Imagine a class where students focus on recognizing their passions and understanding their own learning profile so that they can be guided to find a high school that is the right fit for them. Throughout the first trimester of eighth grade, student and parents meet with the Dean of Instruction and Learning to help them research options and make the transition. Our alumni are living examples of how a Yavneh education prepares their success in a wide variety of independent and public high schools.

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