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Tour of Yavneh Day School
Take a quick and fun tour and see Yavneh in action.

Middle School at Yavneh
Learn more about Yavneh’s innovative Middle School.

Yavneh’s 36th Anniversary
Learn about Yavneh’s history as the school turns 36.

Yavneh’s Birthday Wishes
Students give their birthday wishes as Yavneh turns 36.

Shana Tova
Listen to Yavneh blow the shofar to celebrate Rosh Hashana.

Shana Tova 2016
Yavneh’s Modern Band with a Shana Tova performance.

Arctic Learning in Kindergarten
Hear about the Arctic animals from kindergarten students.

Rosh Hashanah 2018
8th graders created the annual Shana Tova greeting with a stop motion video.

Kitah Gan – Plastic in Our Oceans
Kindergarten students share their learning about plastic usage and the effects on oceans.

Spring Benefit 2019 Video
Learn about this year’s honorees and a little more about Yavneh’s wonderful, warm community.

#ThisIsY I Give
Hear from Yavneh Day School parents about why they give to Yavneh.

Shana Tova 5780
Happy New Year from Yavneh’s Learning Kitchen.

Hine Mah Tov, a song from the Yavneh Faculty
How good and how pleasant it is to come together in peace and community. #ThisisVirtualY

Yavneh teachers are there for you

Blaze Bits, Episode 2

Origami Art – Create an Aztec sun

Blaze Bits, Episode #1