Thea Widmer

Thea grew up in Switzerland, but spent most of her adult life in the US where she studied art/photography and multimedia. She worked for several years at IXL as a […]

Rebecca Bigman

Rebecca is very excited to join the Yavneh team! Prior to joining Yavneh, she served as the J-Camp Director at the OFJCC in Palo Alto, running summer and year-round camp […]

Nathalie Eini

Nathalie Eini was born in Israel. She immigrated to the United States with her family of four kids in 2019. Nathalie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education for 1st-6th grades […]

Roni Nahon

Roni Nahon holds a B.Ed degree from the Academic College at Wingate, Israel, including teaching credentials, majoring in toddler education and applied behavior analysis (ABA). Roni has been in [...]

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