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This Is “Y” Moments

Week of 10/18 – 10/22

Kitah Dalet/4th Grade is studying California landforms in Science. The investigation into landforms continued in Art Class where they used Google earth to find images of California. Capturing satellite and aerial views, students transformed them into their own artistic vision using color markers, color pencils, and collage. Our interdisciplinary approach to learning creates an environment where topics are explored from a variety of perspectives.

Kitah Vav/6th Grade held their class playdate at Oak Meadow Park on Sunday.

Kitah Gimel/3rd grade enjoying Kabbalat Shabbat last Friday

Our Flag Football team has been showing hard work, team work, and perseverance on the field. They have been making some really great plays on offense and defense and scored two touchdowns this week.

Go Blaze!