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This Is “Y” Moments

Week of 9/27 – 10/1

We began the week with a joyful Simchat Torah celebration filled with dancing and music in the Beit Kehillah. Our 8th graders/Kitah Chet chanted both the final words of the Torah and the first few verses.

2nd Grade/Kitah Bet is learning about insects. In STEAM we are integrated that learning by creating insect hotels. We explored different insects’ habitats, collected items from nature, drew blueprints, and built the hotels to bring home.

5th Grade/Kitah Hay is learning about meteorology, and the role the atmosphere has in our weather. In order to understand how the gases of the atmosphere can “pile up”, we began to learn about density. Students were given five different liquids, and had to create a density column of five layers. They made the predictions, and then compared the results to understand how the density of liquids work.

These are clay models 7th Grade/Kitah Zayin made in Global Research showing the similarities between Islam and Judaism.