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 In Hashavua Article

Most questions that young children ask begin with the word, why. More than just wanting facts, children want to be able to connect new ideas with existing knowledge so that they can understand the bigger picture. While it can be frustrating for adults when children ask five “why” questions in a row, these questions are evidence of an internal drive to learn and grow.

At Yavneh, we are continually focused on the why – it’s at the heart of our programs, curriculum and decision making. So when we began planning for our Open House on January 27th, we asked ourselves why we had this event and what we hoped to accomplish. We quickly came to the conclusion that the purpose of our Open House was to build community, showcase our unique model of education, and provide an opportunity for our students and parents to meet the teachers in the next grade.

With that in mind, we are very excited about what’s planned for the open house. We’ll be gathering all together on Zoom for some introductions, singing and a special Tu B’Shvat activity. Then, students will go to their current classrooms where teachers will host games/activities. Students will then move to another classroom to enjoy the games/activities with a future teacher. We look forward to seeing you for our re-imagined Open House on Wednesday, January 27th at 7:00pm.