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Academic Electives
Innovation Lab: Like a built-in “Genius Hour”, innovation lab can be a unique project for each student focusing on a particular passion. Students submit a proposal for a project that must meet requirements according to the four pillars:  rigorous new learning, be interdisciplinary, produce something of value, and benefit a community of need.  
Journalism: Students put out the Yavneh school newspaper, Y Life, using both online and print media. Students take photos and document events throughout the community. The students also help put together the Yavneh school yearbook in the spring trimester.

Math Rocks: In Math Rocks, students have the opportunity to experience math in a new way through math projects that rarely even use numbers. Students explore topology, discrete math, Pascal’s triangle, the secret world of bubbles and other concepts they have likely not heard of before. They also use objects to explore shapes, patterns and designs.
Arts Electives
Art History: Students will take a look at art history from prehistoric times to the twenty first century. How do we evaluate and interpret different art? They will learn to look at the design elements in different pieces of art  (e.g., line, shape, color, value, and texture and learn about the differences between a movement and a period of art. They will explore the question “where does Jewish art come into play?”
Modern Band: Modern Band is modeled after the Little Kids Rock band curriculum ( Students learn to perform, improvise and compose using the popular styles that they know and love including rock, pop, reggae, hip hop, R&B and other modern styles. Students in Modern Band classes will learn guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, vocals, technology, and computers.
Visual Art: Students will learn many art mediums, from watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, chalk, pencil, clay, metal, glass, mixed media, print making, batiking, and more. They will learn to create art installations. 
STEAM Electives
Animation, Robotics and Coding: Students will learn how to use the Animation Studio app and the Animation Stations with our ipad Minis to create scenes and dramatic reenactments. Students will also learn coding with Scratch, use the Makey-Makey and learn Robotics.  
Garden to Table: Students will explore environmental science in the garden, in the lab, and in the kitchen. This is a hands-on class in which students will learn about nutrition and knife skills for cooking as well as the engineering required to bring food from the garden to the table.
Performing Arts: Students will learn dramatic arts through acting, technical theater, and an exploration of theater within an historical and cultural context. They will further their skills in public speaking, line memorization, and improvisation, and learn about stage performance and history of drama, as well as a variety of theater genres (musical theater, comedy, etc.). 
Jewish Learning Electives
Keshet of Kavod: For eighth grade students who have the role of being the “Keshet Crew”, this time is designated to them to study to value of the month and create an educational presentation for the school to be able to understand and enact the value. 
Ritual Lab: Students practice their leadership skills and learn about leading the community in conversation, ritual practice and tefillah. 
Song Leading: Students learn how to lead the community in song. Guitar playing is required.
Song Writing: Students learn how to write meaningful, prayerful songs with rhythm and beat.

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