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The Arts are a Critical Piece of Learning at Yavneh

At Yavneh, children are taught in a relevant, integrated learning environment in which all subjects are taught in relationship to each other. The Arts are a critical piece of learning at Yavneh. Students discover art’s connection to Judaism, math, science, the humanities, and more. Beginning in kindergarten, students learn to communicate through the use of different artistic media, to use imagination, to create things that can be shared, and to express their feelings and thoughts through free-flowing artistic expression.

Visual Arts

Students explore different media including acrylic paints, oil pastels, and clay, while studying colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, symmetry, and dimension. They are exposed to a wide variety of historical and contemporary artists, often relevant to learning in other classes. Students study many genres and movements throughout history and learn the artist’s glossary of terms.

Music and Performing Arts

Music is woven into daily life at Yavneh. It is central to our community gatherings during morning tefillah, kabbalat shabbat, holiday celebrations and milestone ceremonies. In class, students engage in a variety of musical genres. They begin to learn the fundamentals of music, exploring musical notes, rests, and other symbols as well as tempo and rhythm. They learn to play instruments such as ukulele and orff xylophones. Middle school students participate in various musical electives from Song Writing to Modern Band where they can play electric guitar, keyboard and drums. Yavneh has a musical choir and students perform several times during the year. Middle schoolers can also choose a performing arts elective which produces an annual spring performance.