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This is “Y” Moments of the Week

7th Grade/Kitah Zayin has been working very hard putting together this piece with Lior, our incredible music teacher- Kol HaKavod!

Kol HaKavod to Kitah Hay for organizing their Animal Shelter Donation Drive. They are accepting donations though next week in the box in the lobby.

3rd Grade/Kitah Gimel students are learning about the human body, and biometrics. In STEAM they learned how the human eye works, they made shadow puppets, and finally made presentations. In order to make the shadow puppets and theater work, they studied about shadow and light.

6th Grade/Kitah Vav students collaborate on the Problem of the Month. On this math problem, students need to investigate to find how to make generalizations of a pattern of a staircase.

2nd Grade/Kitah Bet’s JSTEAM Noah’s Arks are complete.