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 In Yavneh News

This Is “Y” Moments

Week of 8/30 – 9/3

5th Grade/Kitah Hay replicated the story of “The Three Little Pigs” STEAM style. Each group had to build a two story structure which would not collapse when the “Big Bad Wolf” (hair dryer) blows. Structural engineering skills learned in previous years were very useful for this challenge.

Our Middle School robotics team, The Three Musketeers, began to practice this week for the World League Robotics Competition to be held later in the year. Stay tuned for updates.

Yavneh 6th/Vav and 7th/Zayin graders were hard at work while trying to calculate the exact angle for launching a rocket that needs to fly through a hula hoop hanging at 10′ high and 15′ in distance.

Our Kindergarten/Gan students are getting ready for Rosh Hashana.

3rd Grade/Kitah Gimel made scientific observations about the garden.

1st Grade/Kitah Alef enjoyed SSR (Sustained Silent Reading). This quiet time allows for natural transitions between learning, and helps instill a love of reading.

Our Kindergarten/Gan students explored lines in Art Class.

Middle School Birkat Hamazon

Math Games in 2nd Grade/Kitah Bet

Egg Drop in 1st Grade/Kitah Alef! This activity involves sensory exploration, teamwork, and physics.

Baking apples for Rosh Hashana in 3rd Grade/Kitah Bet.

5th and 6th Graders took part in a Hebrew Rosh Hashana escape room challenge.