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 In Hashavua Article

How do we record and produce a song in 2020? Up until a few years ago in order to record a song, you would need to go to a professional music studio. Most of the albums and songs we love so much were produced exactly in this way. This process depended on the artist going to a recording studio to access equipment in value of millions of dollars. Since the technology and machinery are so expensive in order to record a song an artist needed to either spend a lot of money or have a record label invest the money in them (and work on their terms).

But things have changed dramatically in recent years as new advanced technology was invented and made available. In 2020 anyone who buys a smartphone, tablet, or a Mac can access advanced music recording software (such as GarageBand) with low to no costs giving them the ability and freedom to record and produce a quality song anywhere with complete independence.

Due to that, heavy analog music recording machines were replaced (for the most part) by digital software that does the job very well. Moreover, since this technology is digital an artist doesn’t really need to know how to play an instrument live, but can learn how to program “virtual” instruments and create a fully produced song without playing a single note on a “real” acoustic instrument.

In Kitah Hay’s Music Production class we followed this music production technological revolution as part of “God You Have Given Me” project. We learned how to work with an online music software called Soundtrap where students can program music, produce songs, collaborate with each other in real-time, and create quality songs using their creative spirits and modern-day technology.

The following video is a remix of samples from songs each student/pair made. I am so impressed by the class’ work, I honestly could have never done anything like this when I was in 5th grade and they are really ahead of their time! If you want to hear more than just a sample, you can find the full songs on this link.

~ Lior