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 In Hashavua Article

On May 7th I shared with the Yavneh community that my favorite number was 110 because it represented the number of days until the first day of school. Today, my favorite number is 5. In only five more days, we’ll welcome everyone at our opening ceremony, teachers will invite your children into their classrooms, and we’ll begin learning together. 

This Hashavua is packed with important information. You’ll find details about the Materials Pick-up on Monday, dates and times for the Back-to-School nights, video recordings from this week’s grade group meetings, and the links to register for technology support.

We hope that you were able to log into the updated parent portal on our Website and spent some time exploring the new classroom pages. These landing pages will have all of the necessary information to help you, and your child, keep track of where you need to be, get in touch with teachers, find out what supplies are necessary for electives, and discover what your child has learned. 

I am looking forward to my favorite number becoming the number 1.

Kol Tuv,