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 In Yavneh News

Upstairs, throughout the hallways, the APJCC exhibits many different types of art. Recently, they have chosen to show a wide variety of artwork created by students from Yavneh Day School.

Over the course of their time at Yavneh, students explore a variety of different media including acrylic paints, oil pastels, and clay, while studying colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, symmetry, and dimension. They are exposed to a wide variety of historical and contemporary artists, often relevant to their Social Studies curriculum. Students also study a variety of genres and movements throughout history and learn the artist’s glossary of terms.

The artwork displayed was created by Yavneh students of all ages representing different aspects of the Art Program. Student artwork has previously been featured at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, The Obama White House Blog, the Peninsula Symphony and local newspapers.