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Financial Aid
Yavneh Day School is dedicated to providing a Jewish day school education to every family who desires the opportunity for their child(ren), regardless of financial status.  We urge you not to let tuition stand in your way of considering Yavneh. We assist families who cannot afford to pay full tuition by awarding financial aid grants in amounts based on the family’s financial need. The School appoints a Financial Aid Committee to review financial aid applications and to make financial aid award decisions. The Committee balances the financial need of the families with the financial health of the school.  
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. What is Financial Aid?
A. Financial aid is a grant made to a family who applies and qualifies for assistance. The grant is used to offset the cost of tuition.
Q. How does a family qualify for financial aid?
A.  Financial aid is based solely on need, defined as the difference between a family’s resources and a child’s education expense. Qualification is determined by Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST), a service of the Independent School Management (ISM), used by many schools across the country.
Q. What factors determine qualification?
A. Many factors are considered: income, assets, number of dependents, number of children enrolled in tuition-charging schools, earning potential for a spouse, second homes, vacation expenses, and various other financial obligations. Yavneh expects that applicant families will explore a variety of means of financing their child’s education (i.e. loans, the use of personal assets, and assistance from family members) before/in addition to applying for financial aid from the school.
Q. Are a family’s application and grant confidential?
A. Yes.  The Financial Aid Committee (comprised of two non-board/non-parent community members, the Head of School and the Director of Finance and Operations) keeps the identity of recipients and the content of financial aid applications confidential. The School expects that parents will also respect the confidential nature of the process. Any discussion pertaining to the identity of aid recipients or to the amount of aid awards is considered highly inappropriate and may result in the revocation of an award.
Q. Will applying for financial aid lesson the likelihood of being admitted to Yavneh?
A. A family’s application for financial aid has no bearing on the child’s application for admission.  In other words, applying for financial aid does not lessen the likelihood that a child will be admitted to Yavneh. The school welcomes applications from all families who desire a Jewish day school education for their child(ren), regardless of their financial situation.
Q. Is financial aid guaranteed for future years?
A.  The Yavneh Board of Trustees have approved a plan so that financial aid is awarded on a continuous basis with re-application required when the eldest child is enrolling in kindergarten, fourth and seventh grade. This means if you apply for financial aid when your child enters kindergarten, you will receive the same percentage of aid for first, second and third grades. When your child enters fourth grade, you will need to submit a new financial aid application and again when your child enters seventh grade.
If you enter Yavneh in any other grade, the same schedule will apply (eldest child entering fourth and seventh grade). When the eldest child graduates, the schedule will revert to the next eldest sibling. At any point during the cycle, a family can apply for additional aid if their financial circumstances change. Families are also required to notify the Director of Finance if their financial circumstances improve. Should this policy be modified in the future by the Board of Trustees, current families will be grandfathered at least through the graduation of the eldest child enrolled in the coming academic year.
Q. How many students receive financial aid at Yavneh?
A.  Currently, over 54% of our families receive some level of financial aid. 
 Financial Aid
Application Process
In order to be considered for financial aid, a family must complete the following:

The Financial Aid Application through FAST which includes: 

  • A letter to Yavneh documenting the request for aid as well as explanations for anything not covered by the application.
  • All appropriate Tax documents to be submitted directly to FAST, including:
    • 2017 W-2s
    • 2017 1040 with all filed schedules and attachments
    • 2017 Business/Farm Statement (if applicable) 
Submitting the Application
  • Go to FAST Financial Aid Application
  • Click on the prompt to begin the financial aid application. One application is needed per household.
  • A password will be assigned so you can return to your application at a later time to finish and submit.
Deadlines for   
January 31, 2019: Application submitted to FAST inclucing all 2017 tax docs
March 23, 2019: Admissions notification and contract (with financial aid award) emailed 
March 28, 2019:  Contracts signed and returned to the Yavneh
Customer Service: 
Please direct all financial aid-related questions to Diana Wilmot, Chief Finance and Operations Officer.
Finanical Aid to Yavneh families is made possible in part from the Jim Joseph Foundation in partnership with our local Jewish Federation and the San Francisco Bureau of Jewish Education.

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