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Kindergarten Placement
How does Yavneh determine kindergarten placement?
The Yavneh Admissions Committee uses a variety of methods to determine the appropriate placement for each child: a Kindergarten Group Observation and Assessment with the Kindergarten Teachers, the recommendation of the child's current teacher, and input from the child's parents. Assessments are conducted by Yavneh faculty in a warm, nurturing environment.
Yavneh considers the following developmental factors in making placement decisions:
  • Chronological Age: A child should turn five by September 1 of their kindergarten year.
  • Social and Emotional Development: Can the child follow two-step directions?  Does he or she take turns, share with and help others, and try new activities? Does he or she "use words" to communicate wants, needs, and thoughts? Can he or she listen and sit still for activities? Work well independently and in a group?  Does he or she show patience and control frustration when appropriate?
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills:  Is he or she able to comfortably hold and manipulate a pencil and scissors? Can he or she write letters of the alphabet? Is he or she aware of physical space and boundaries?  Can he or she kick a ball, climb a park ladder, and jump on one foot? 
  • Language and Cognitive Skills: Can the child speak clearly in complete sentences, tell stories, and hear and understand the meaning of words and stories?
  • Self-Care Skills:  Can the child take care of his/her personal hygiene needs?  Can he or she use the toilet without assistance?  Can he or she wash his/her own hands and blow his/her own nose?
  • Early Academic Skills: Although for admissions purposes, Yavneh is most concerned about a child's social and emotional development and self-care skills, we do take into consideration a child's basic academic skills, like alphabet recognition, counting, and reading and math ability.
Yavneh's Kindergarten Program
Yavneh's kindergarten (Gan) is a world of imagination and exploration where play, guided social interaction, group activities, and independent experiences ignite a child's natural desire to learn and inquire. We develop an increased ability to sit, listen, and concentrate for longer periods of time. The academic curriculum incorporates many  creative approaches along with circle times and more structured learning centers. Kindergartners finish the year reading books and writing multiple sentences, fully prepared for first grade.
You can learn more about Yavneh's Academic Program by visiting the "Curriculum & Programs" section of the website or by downloading Yavneh's Curriculum Guide.

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