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Renée FineKitah Dalet (Fourth Grade) Teacher

Renée Fine began teaching at Yavneh Day School in 1999. Renee studied at San Diego State University and National University in Madrid, Spain and has her B.A. in Social Work and in Spanish. She also completed a Hebrew Ulpan at the University of San Francisco.

Renee chose to become a teacher because she enjoys children and wants to create a positive educational experience in the classroom for as many students as possible. Teaching at Yavneh is a “dream come true” for Mrs. Fine because Yavneh’s school philosophy to integrate Judaism with General Studies is a concept Renée believes to be key in enabling young minds to see the value of living a Jewish life in the global community. Mrs. Fine holds dear the celebration of Shabbat and “living the Jewish Calendar.” When she is not teaching, she spends time with her five children (all of whom have attended Yavneh) and her husband.