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Ilana FriedlanderKitah Bet (Second Grade) Teacher

Morah Ilana started at Yavneh Day School in 1991. Born in Israel’s Jezreel Valley, Morah Ilana earned her teaching degree in Elementary Education (K-2) from Nahalal Teacher’s College. She furthered her education at UC-Santa Cruz’s extension campus where she focused on Special Education. Morah Ilana said that she likes being a teacher because she enjoys interacting with children and she wants to give of herself and share what she knows about Israeli culture, Jewish holidays, Hebrew language and more. She likes when her students have the “light-bulb moments”. She is quite comfortable with the environment at Yavneh because it reminds her of being in Israel.

In her spare time, Morah Ilana enjoys reading, watching TV and taking long walks. Morah Ilana lives with her husband and one son as well as her dog, Yukon. Her daughter is married and lives in Israel. Morah Ilana visits Israel often in order to visit her grandchildren as well as other family and friends.