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1st Grade through 5th Grade

In first through fifth grades, our students grow into readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists and engineers. They are guided in their development of social skills, character traits, leadership and the building of community. They grow their Jewish identity and Hebrew skills. They become independent thinkers, collaborators and investigators.

The Lower School Experience

Through a journey of inquiry and skill-based learning in nurturing and inclusive classroom environments, partnering with parents and families, the Yavneh Lower School experience features:

  • A rich math curriculum based on Singapore math, number talks and hands-on experiences that emphasize problem-solving through abstract thinking and application of knowledge to real life situations.
  • A diverse and extensive approach to English language literacy that meets and guides students where they are at – from phonemic awareness to the writing of book reports and extensive essays.
  • Immersive Hebrew instruction featuring dual immersion across all subjects through third grade, and leveled learning groups in fourth and fifth grade that focus on language proficiency.
  • Jewish learning that builds an appreciation of traditions and values in a relevant and integrated manner, from ritual and meaningful holiday celebrations to inquiry based explorations of ancient texts on how to lead an ethical Jewish life.
  • Lessons and hands-on experiences in sciences, engineering and technology, including exploration of the environment and living things and design thinking inspired projects, tinkering, computer programming and robotics.
  • Visual arts classes that explore artists from throughout time and place and engage with a wide variety of high quality materials in various media, all the while encouraging individuality and self expression.
  • Music classes exploring the basics of music theory, a variety of music genres, voice and instruments, such as Orff xylophones, recorders, ukulele and guitar, with performance opportunities throughout the year.
  • A Responsive Classroom approach, framed with Jewish values that builds responsibility, and frames the child’s participation in the classroom and school community.