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Why Choose Yavneh?
Academic Excellence
Class sizes are small. A multi-level approach with small groupings is used in reading, math and Hebrew. Teachers are dedicated to enhancing each child's academic development.  Yavneh has adopted rigorous curricular standards and benchmarks to evaluate both individual student progress and the effectiveness of the instructional program at each grade level.  Yavneh middle school graduates enter the area's best public and private high schools highly prepared for their social environments and easily place in Advanced Placement and Honors-level classes.  Graduates go on to attend some of the country's best universities including Harvard, Yale, Duke, NYU, UCLA, Harvey Mudd, and Claremont McKenna. Read more about Yavneh's curriculum by downloading our Curriculum Guide.
Warm, Inclusive Jewish Community
Jewish identity at Yavneh is grounded in ritual, sacred texts, joyous experiences of Jewish life, an understanding of the diversity of Jewish peoplehood, and a connection to Israel and the Hebrew language. Yavneh offers a welcoming, inclusive environment, regardless of synagogue affiliation or level of ritual observance.
"Yavneh is special because it is not just a school.  It's a huge community of happiness," said a Yavneh graduate. Community counts at Yavneh, so much so that our entire student body comes together at least three times a week for a community meeting.  It is in our multi-purpose room that students, staff and faculty practice leadership and communication skills at the microphone, celebrate Shabbat and holidays, mark life and school milestones, explore ethical issues, organize tzedakah projects, and sing, pray, and gather in a fun, warm atmosphere. The embrace of the Yavneh community extends to many relationships.  Each student enjoys a special personal relationship with his or her teachers. Relationships between students develop from a core of kindness and compassion, nurtured by Yavneh's Social-Emotional Learning curriculum. 
Second Language
Studies show that learning a second language benefits academic progress in other subjects, enhances cognitive development, benefits higher order, abstract, and creative thinking skills, and enhances cultural awareness.  At Yavneh, students begin to learn to read, write and speak Hebrew in Kindergarten. By eighth grade, our students are near-fluent.  Hebrew is offered at different levels, depending on the student's background. 
Social Justice
Yavneh's curriculum has, at its core, the concept of Tikkun Olam, the imperative to repair the world.  With a focus on social justice, freedom, equality, peace, and the restoration of the environment, our students make a difference in their world through frequent ongoing community service projects. The Middle School has a distinct three-year Social Justice curriculum that connects each student to a cause they're passionate about, engages each student in philanthropic giving, and requires each student to volunteer with a project of their choosing. 

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