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Mission and Philosophy
Yavneh Day School is committed to academic excellence in General and Jewish studies within a strong, vibrant community where each child is celebrated and challenged. A Yavneh education is about discovering how a child learns in order to maximize each student’s potential while fostering curiosity, encouraging risk taking, and ingraining a love of learning.
Yavneh Day School is committed to each child realizing his or her highest academic potential in an environment which nurtures that child and guides him or her toward a lifelong love of learning, a strong Jewish identity, compassion as a human being and becoming a contributing member of the community. Honesty, compassion and emphasis on the positive are hallmarks of the school's approach to life and learning.
The Jewish identity that a Yavneh student develops is grounded in ritual, sacred texts, joyous experiences of Jewish life, an understanding of the diversity of Jewish peoplehood, and a connection to Israel and the Hebrew language.
Yavneh emphasizes that Israel is a connecting point for Jews around the world and that it embodies the values to incorporate all Jews into a common peoplehood. Yavneh students develop personal relationships with students in Israel and have an understanding about the similarities and differences between each other. Yavneh teaches that Israel is a spiritual and cultural glue that holds the Jewish people together. Yavneh students learn Hebrew as the language of the Jewish people throughout time, and as a transmitter of culture.
A Yavneh graduate will be conversant in the history, politics and culture of the modern state of Israel and understand its complexities. The graduate will know that life in Israel is not homogenous or single minded – that it is a beautifully woven tapestry with the colors and textures of many kinds of people from different backgrounds. A Yavneh graduate understands that Israel and the Diaspora must both exist if Jewish life is to continue.
Yavneh provides outstanding academic curricula taught in a caring, supportive environment in which each student can grow academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Yavneh teaches students to become critical thinkers, collaborators and problem solvers. Teachers are skilled in differentiation within the classroom and across grade levels and hands-on, experiential learning is valued across academic disciplines. Teachers at Yavneh cultivate self-assurance in students and help them realize their potential as successful lifelong learners.
Yavneh integrates Jewish and secular learning in order to demonstrate that students are whole individuals, multi-faceted and able to draw from a total of their learning experiences to address new questions or situations. This integration prepares graduates for comfortable and informed participation in a pluralistic society.
Yavneh Day School is affiliated with the Solomon Schechter Day School Association and adopts the norms of Conservative Judaism as interpreted by our school Rabbi with consideration for the larger communal environment in which the school exists. Yavneh welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and embraces families with a wide range of observances.
Yavneh Day School encourages the involvement of entire families in the school community. Parents volunteer in the classroom, participate in holiday celebrations, and raise money to strengthen and broaden school programs and to ensure that families from all economic backgrounds may receive the benefit of a Yavneh education.
Yavneh offers an egalitarian environment in every aspect of the school. Boys and girls are offered the same opportunities in religious observance and ritual, as well as in classroom and athletic experiences and leadership roles within the school.


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