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Yavneh offers a challenging mathematics program for middle schoolers designed to create interest and enthusiasm in mathematical studies. Middle school math encompasses Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics. Students start learning new vocabulary that enables them to navigate the new core ideas of a subject. Each subject is taught meticulously from concept to solving practical, everyday problems. Finally, these subject matters are not detached from one another and are integrated seamlessly to enhance the students’ proficiency in each individual subject.

Yavneh’s middle school math program, based on Singapore Math, is rich in problem-solving investigations and emphasizes a depth of mathematical reasoning skills. The curriculum is built to empower each student with the tools and methods that will enable application of mathematical thinking to real problems. Teachers of this program make use of manipulative and self-discovery investigations to help students fully understand “why” the mathematical concepts are true. These include hands-on projects and other fun activities that develop the precise cognitive functions to lead the students to success.

Each grade has multiple math levels to better meet the needs of the student population that are structured to challenge students to develop their potential and extract high level cognitive functions. Differentiated thinking methodologies, such as the use of meta-cognitive reflection (thinking about the way one thinks), enable students to improve upon their own intellect and break possible mental barriers that hinder their progress in math and possibly other fields as well.  All students have opportunities for skill practice and enrichment, as needed. 

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